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Begin Your Better Opportunity Here...!

Our every step of achievement is absolutely a success from the whole team.


From its beginning 25 years ago in 1997 Gohman Mechanical, Inc. has thrived using exceptional business integrity as a foundation for actions and decisions. We believe in hiring talented individuals with integrity, who are trustworthy, who keep their word, who adapt to change by rolling with the punches. Gohman Mechanical, Inc. employees have the full support of the company and consistently produce top quality work that exceeds stated objectives and promotes future construction and service opportunities.

Our commercial HVAC Construction and Service Technician employees are individuals who are well-rounded, have a sincere interest in the HVAC industry, who enjoy working as part of a team that encourages individual responsibility, and who have a passion for construction or for providing maintenance service to customer units.

We hire people with diverse backgrounds and experiences- our employees are individuals who are open minded, hardworking, and creative thinkers. We encourage our employees to understand all aspects of the Commercial HVAC industry, and we support those who are interested in pursuing further training.

Gohman Mechanical, Inc. is dedicated to excelling within our industry with our commitment to remain at the leading edge of our profession by hiring good people, updating our technology and education frequently, and by responding to both challenges and opportunities.



Construction Workers

We are looking for a motivated service technician who is eager to learn all facets of the HVAC Industry, positive attitude and willing to grow with the company.!



Gohman Mechnical's one of the prime mottos is to provide our employee with  primary advantages. Offering a comprehensive benefits package that is moderate for you and your eligible dependents.

  • Competitive and fair compensation including annual bonuses.

  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Paid Time off

  • Paid Holidays and Vacation 

  • Company Vehicle, Gas card & Uniforms

  • Company Cell phone & ipad

  • Promotional and Growth Opportunities

  • Yeah -End Bonus

  • Weekly Payroll

Paid Internship Program

Goals and opportunities for learning. Gohman contributes paid educational Assistance of the employees to build additoinal relevant skills and gain insight into the HVAC industry.

Work-Life Integration & Work-Life Blend

  • Open & honest conversations

  • Compassionate team members

  • Family Atmosphere

  • Team building meeting

  • Insanely Flexible

Opportunity to work for a business that pays more and offers a harmonious work life balance or work life integration in the great and beautiful outdoors of Portland Oregon. Gohman who always encourage and support their employees as a people, not just as employees.

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