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HVAC Maintenance Technician

Gohman Mechanical is looking for a Journeyman HVAC Technician.  An individual that is self-motivated, innovative and is always looking to be at the top of the game.  Someone that has experience and desires to improve himself as well as the systems that are worked on.  We would consider this type of person an A player that gets it.  This tech would be able to troubleshoot and repair all kinds of HVAC equipment as well as integrated Energy management and control systems.

Job Summary

A Maintenance Technician, or Maintenance Mechanic, oversees performing ongoing facility maintenance and completing repairs on equipment. Their duties include fixing machinery, plumbing, heating and wiring, inspecting buildings to confirm safety standards and scheduling major repairs with the building’s inhabitants.

HVAC Technician Responsibilities:

  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment.

  • Analyzing maintenance risks on equipment.

  • Perform preventive maintenance and routine servicing of equipment.

  • Diagnosing electrical and mechanical defects for HVAC systems.

  • Cleaning, modifying, and repairing systems, and Conducting warranty services.

  • Performing emergency repairs quickly and competently.

  • Keeping daily logs and records of all maintenance functions.

  • Complying with service standards, work instructions and customers' requirements.

  • Assisting with client’s questions.

  • Work cooperatively with others.

HVAC Technician Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED or suitable equivalent.

  • 1+ year experience as an HVAC technician, and willingness to continue education in HVAC field.

  • Valid driver’s license.

  • Understanding of advanced principles of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating.

  • Proficient in balancing air and water treatment systems in line with HVAC protocols.

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